Kel E Fox

Photo of author: Kel E Fox Kel E Fox was an apothecary in a past life, a stage technician in the theatre in this life and hopes to be a wizard in the next. Right now, she is the author of all sorts of fantasy short stories and poetry. Her first published short story, ‘The Inheritance Experiment’, won an editor’s choice award in 2018. Darkhaven is her first novel, kicking off the epic Lightless Prophecy saga, some six novels and a number of short stories, which she will publish over the next few years. Kel lives in Perth, Australia, with her partner, two lazy cats and a wilful Alaskan Malamute named after Nighteyes. She loves ballroom dancing, art, playing Magic: the Gathering, and of course, reading fantasy.

Books written by Kel E Fox