Christina Bacilieri

Photo of author: Christina Bacilieri Christina Bacilieri, acclaimed author of the young adult fantasy novel "The Last Refuge," serves as the creative mind behind the captivating Stealing Sanctuary series. With a profound appreciation for all things magical, Christina's literary journey was sparked by a childhood immersed in the enchanting realms of fantasy novels, complemented by the culinary delights lovingly crafted by her grandmother, a steady supplier of pasta. A proud alumna of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Christina leverages her Bachelor's degree in Marketing to navigate the realms of business relationships and project management with finesse. Beyond her literary pursuits, Christina finds solace and inspiration in the serenity of nature and the captivating allure of art exhibited in her favorite museums. Together with her husband, she shares a cozy home in Texas, where they are accompanied by two affectionate pups and an extensive collection of cherished books.

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Title: The Last Refuge
Released: 14.11.2023
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