Ceril N. Domace

Photo of author: Ceril N. Domace Ceril N Domace is an accountant, the owner of a cat with more zooms than brain cells, and a dedicated dungeon master. As a lover of fiction works great and small, Ceril has been reading age-inappropriate stories since her father failed to pull The Silmarillion from her grubby little fingers at age five. As a grown-up accountant, her spreadsheet compiling gives her plenty of time to make plans for a fantastic world that isn't plagued by balance sheets . . . and also has dragons. On the rare occasions she manages to free herself from an ever-growing and complex web of TTRPG, Ceril enjoys taking walks and griping that all her hobbies are work in disguise.

Books written by Ceril N. Domace

Title: Haven
Released: 30.04.2021
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