Anders Kingsley

Photo of author: Anders Kingsley I love suspense. My favorite genres to read are mystery and psychological thrillers, anything really that is fast paced and keeps me guessing what happens next or whodunit. I’m a European based author and it’s my aspiration to excite like-minded people with similar reading preferences. No matter which of my current or future books people may read, they always can look forward to the element of surprise. I’m also a silly child within a grown up man. So, even though my characters are risking their lives in pursuit of justice, my stories will always have witty dialogues along the way. After plotting my first novel, I realized that telling a story about a murder, set in breathtaking Switzerland, wasn’t going to be enough. There are plenty of thrillers with characters chasing the killer of a friend or relative, already. Besides, I didn’t want people to just read my book with their eyes, I wanted to engage their minds. To do so, I needed to add an extra layer, one that most other thrillers don’t have. For sport fans it may be nice enough to watch a football match but it becomes even more exciting when the viewer also has some bets on it. In my case, the football match was the thriller novel and the bets were a mysterious puzzle I added in form of a riddle. Yes, it resulted in a lot more work and it took me more time to write the book, much more than I originally had anticipated. But I didn’t mind going the extra mile. Instead of people closing my book and think ‘not bad’, I wanted them to finish reading the last chapter and scream ‘wow, that was brilliant’. And so the story of a murdered friend became the story about a victim’s last cryptic message—scrawled in his own blood on the back of a group photo, referring to an ancient myth.

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