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Photo of author: Amelia Hutchins Amelia Hutchins is a WSJ and USAT Bestselling author of the Monsters, The Fae Chronicles, and Lacy of the Nine Realms series. She is an admitted coffee addict who drinks magical potions of caffeine and turns them into magical worlds. She writes alpha-hole males and the alpha women who knock them on their arses, hard. Amelia doesn’t write romance. She writes fast-paced books that go hard against traditional standards. Sometimes a story isn’t about the romance; it’s about rising to a challenge, breaking through it like a wrecking ball, and shaking up entire worlds to discover who they really are. If you’d like to check out more of her work, or just hang out with an amazing tribe of people who enjoy rough men and sharp women, join her at Author Amelia Hutchins Group on Facebook.

Books written by Amelia Hutchins

Title: Playing with Monsters
Released: 07.07.2016
4.60 (buy)
4.24 (read)
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