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Photo of author: Allegra Pescatore Co-founder of Ao Collective Publishing, Allegra is the author of Where Shadows Lie, and the co-author of NACL: Eye of the Storm. She is an own-voices disabled author, a collector of odd salts from around the world, a staunch LGBTQ+ ally, and a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction. She lives in PA with her husband Job, two dogs, three cats, several reptiles, and a monster under the bed whose name may or may not be Fred. *** Co-author to NACL and The Mountain Fell series, E.Sands and Allegra have been writing together ever since they found out they were literary soul-mates. Together, they blast through novels at the speed of light, stopping only to laugh and plot more ways to torture poor, innocent characters. E. Sands lives near St. Louis with her two kids and several lizards.

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Title: NACL: Eye of the Storm
Released: 13.09.2020
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