Ali Hazelwood

Photo of author: Ali Hazelwood Ali Hazelwood, a prolific author with a unique background in academia, is renowned for her multi-published articles in the field of brain science. Despite the lack of romantic entanglements and guaranteed happy endings in her peer-reviewed work, Ali's expertise shines through. Originally hailing from Italy, Ali's adventurous spirit led her to reside in Germany and Japan before settling in the United States to pursue her passion for neuroscience, culminating in a Ph.D. Recently appointed as a professor, Ali finds herself grappling with the daunting responsibilities of academia. Outside the realm of research and teaching, Ali indulges in various hobbies, including running, crocheting, and savoring cake pops. She also enjoys immersing herself in sci-fi movies alongside her two feline companions, who undoubtedly rule the household with regal authority, alongside her husband.

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Title: Bride
Released: 06.02.2024
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