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Toxteth-born author and social entrepreneur, Natalie Reeves Billing, is set to release her debut children’s book today (5 May).

‘My Mummy Is A Monster’ is the first in the ‘Monstrous Me’ collection which have a unique back-to-back parent and child version format, which Natalie hopes will help struggling families better communicate through the Coronavirus crisis and beyond.

The series comes off the back of Natalie’s work as a social entrepreneur and owner of Split Perspectivz, a project which encourages school children from underprivileged areas of Liverpool to use storytelling as a way of therapy and to better understand family dynamics.

The books which are due to be released on May 5th in paperback on Amazon have already caused a stir with Natalie’s 27K Twitter followers and have caught the attention of those like Natalie, who have found the challenges of family life in 2020 hard.

She said: “It’s been a very tough time for a lot of families trying to balance working from home, homeschooling, exercise, entertainment, and general day to day living. A lot of parents have probably felt like monsters at one time or another over the last 6 weeks and I’m sure they’ve thought the same about their kids!

My Mummy is a Monster, is pitched from the child’s perspective, remarking on daily tasks such as how brushing their hair is like mummy using “a club made of spikes”, to tales of being “tossed into a hard iron cage to go monster shopping!”.

My Children are Monsters, flips the story and recalls it very differently – such as how “brushing fur is not something they like”, and when they go shopping “they take out veg and pound me with it”.

Natalie hopes the new books can give both parent and child a chance to look at situations from another point of view, helping children develop a sense of balance, roundedness, and wellbeing.

An ebook will be released on May 15th and a special hardback flipbook edition will be released later this summer.


An excerpt from My Mommy is a Monster

My mummy’s a monster that no one can see,
And nobody knows but my brother and me.
I told Dad, but he said he already knew.
So, now we think maybe our dad is one too!
No one else knows because monsters can hide,
And lots of mums have monsters hiding inside.
Would you like to know how children can tell?
That their mums and dads are monsters as well?

Just after breakfast, my monster-mum strikes.
She brushes my hair with a club made of spikes.
She laughs as she finds all my tangles and tats,
And yanks it up high into super-tight plaits.

At a quarter to nine when she’s in a big rush,
She puts some disgusting green paste on my brush.
It tastes of old feet. I spit out in the sink,
Then, she gives me some flaming hot liquid to drink.

She makes me walk thousands of miles after school,
Won’t carry my bags, for she’s mean and she’s cruel.
She won’t drive us there, though it’s so far away.
And when we arrive, there’s no time left to play!

The night’s closing in, but there’s no sign of stopping.
Now, monster-mum’s making us go monster shopping.
She tosses us into a hard, iron cage.
We try to help out, but she gets in a rage.

Later, with bodies so muddy and brown,
The monster throws us in a cauldron to drown.
She boils us and scrubs at our skin till it’s red,
And squirts lots of bubbling goo on my head.

But then when she puts me to bed of a night,
Wraps me up snuggly and turns down my light,
And kisses my nose as I lay in a ball,
Then I wonder if my mum’s a monster at all….

Shall we hear what Mummy has to say about this?

Let’s turn the story on its head, to see things through Mum’s eyes.

My Children are Monsters

My children are monsters, but no one can see,

And, nobody knows except Daddy and me.

I told Gran, but she said she already knew.

So, now we think Granny must see monsters too!

No one else knows because monsters can hide.

Even sweet children have monsters inside.

There are lots of ways worried parents can tell,

If their little angels are monsters as well.

Just after breakfast, my monster-kids strike.

See, brushing their fur is not something they like.

They scream, and they shout like a Halloween ghost,

And tell me it’s Granny that they love the most.

When I’m late for work and in such a big rush,

They shriek at the toothpaste I put on their brush.

The same one they use every day at the sink,

But this morning my monsters kick up a stink.

I’m tired, but we go to the park after school.

They won’t carry their bags, and they tell me I’m cruel.

Walking like zombies, they moan the whole way,

So, when we get there, there’s no time to play.

I’m weak and I’m hungry, but no time to stop.

There are so many things the kids need from the shop.

Safe in the trolley, my monster-kids sit.

Then they take out my veg, and they pound me with it.

My monsters are dirty. I fill up the tub.

I soap them in lovely warm water and scrub.

But, what do I hear? Monster shrieks! Monster cries!

‘Coz water has gone in their big monstrous eyes.

But then when I put them to bed of a night,

Wrap them up snuggly and turn down their light,

And kiss them, as they lay curled up in a ball,

Then, I wonder if my kids are monsters at all….


About Natalie Reeves Billing

Children’s author Natalie Reeves Billing is from Liverpool and started her career writing songs and music before traveling to America as part of a signed music act where she stayed for many years. On returning home to Merseyside and starting her family, the talented poet and songwriter used her skills in rhyming to begin writing poems and short stories for friends and family, before being encouraged to put pen to paper to create her own children’s books.

Following the creation of her online ‘den’ Lollipop Lodge, the author began to shape the Monstrous Me collection, which will launch in May 2020 with My Mummy Is A Monster. The series is a production of her work as a social entrepreneur and owner of Split Perspectivz which encourages school children from underprivileged backgrounds to use storytelling as a way of therapy.

The work she has already carried out in areas of the City of Liverpool have been met with great acclaim and Natalie hopes that with the new series of works, her ethos to encourage better understanding and wellbeing in families will spread even further.


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