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Today I will treat you to a stunning cover reveal. Can you guess what book I’m talking about from this sneak peek? (Let’s pretend you didn’t read the title already)

If you’ve been following my reviews for a while, you know how much I love Anna Mocikat’s books. Although I mostly read fantasy I was excited to read her cyberpunk noir novel Behind Blue Eyes and what a rollercoaster that was!

When Anna approached me for a cover reveal I jumped at the opportunity and now I get to share that with you…slowly.

Now that Nephilim’s neon-blue eyes got your attention, check out the book ‘s description below.



cover reveal Behind Blue Eyes 2


From The Back Cover

Olympias City is shaken by a series of unspeakably brutal murders. No one is allowed to know the shocking truth about who the victims are: Guardian Angels.

Someone is hunting the almost invincible cyborgs with the neon-blue eyes. Someone who knows their secrets and who uses a formerly unknown technology.Promoted to High-Archangel, Nephilim is in charge of the investigation. It leads her into the underbelly of Olympias’ most notorious district, Oldtown, and also into the Inner Circle, where the elites reside. Struggling with memory loss, Nephilim barely survives an attempt on her life.

It seems that the Guardian Angels have some very powerful enemies. If this wasn’t dangerous enough, the two other corporate global players, Rosprom and TogbuaXiang, scheme in the shadows to not only bring down the Angels but the entire city of Olympias.

Everything changes when Nephilim accompanies Metatron on a trip to Olympias City III, formerly Rio de Janeiro. There she discovers that nothing is what it seems and that Metatron is much more cunning and dangerous than anyone suspects.

Things get even more complicated when old friends from Nephilim’s past appear. Nephilim will have to decide on what side she wants to stand …


cover reveal Behind Blue Eyes 2








The Behind Blue Eyes saga continues! 

Killer cyborgs, mega cities, corporate wars, cinematic action and plot twists that will leave you speechless. 

“Brings cyberpunk into the modern age!”

– Amazon Review

“Behind Blue Eyes will be the next big thing in science-fiction!”

M.E. Aster, sci-fi author

You can connect with the author here:





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